New Features

We listened to your feedback and our new look and feel game now offers you more coins per session every time you play with us. This applies to coin packages and free coin bonuses.

The new daily spin replaces the old daily bonus envelope. The wedge amounts increase depending on your XP level. You can then earn multipliers based on your days played streak, VIP tier and Facebook friends (Facebook login only)

VIP Plus has been removed and we have increased the coins in our coin packages and bonuses, so that everyone can enjoy extra coins permanently regardless of whether you have made a purchase.

Inbox can be accessed from the envelope button on the bottom right corner - here you will receive messages about the game, special offers, coin gifts from us and coin gifts from your friends (Facebook login only).

Collecting and sending gifts can now be accessed from within the inbox, if you have any pending gifts they will be shown below any messages from us.

We've had to remove some of our slots temporarily whilst we revamp them for our latest update, keep an eye out in game and on the fan page for their return. In the meantime we have plenty more brand new slots coming your way!

Star Spins Slots VIP

Star Spins Slots VIP is a Programme designed to reward our loyal spinners through a Tier system. You can earn Reward Points through purchases that help you move through the tiers and help increase your bonuses and coin offers.

Every Star Spins Slots player is eligible to become a VIP member. Current players will be automatically given their Reward points and sorted into the correct tier. New players will start in the Blue tier.

No. You'll never be downgraded from a tier after achieving it. As long as you keep your account data safe you'll always receive the benefit of the tier you've earned.

No. Star Spins Slots VIP Reward points have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real money or Star Spins Slots coins.

Facebook Fan Page

The Official Star Spins Fan Page found HERE is the best place to go to hear about all the latest Star Spins Slots news! Get information on promotions, competitions and new slot releases as soon as they're available. And remember, there's only one official page.

Other pages may be fan tribute pages, or may have been set up to impersonate Star Spins Slots and distribute scam links. To be safe, bookmark the page link above and save it for regular use.

Remember to only follow links posted from the official Fan Page

Unfortunately these links are scams, and are not affiliated with Star Spins Slots in any way. Many of these scams are designed to get access to your Facebook wall, or to get players to download harmful programs to their computers. Links for free coins posted by players in Fan Page comments, even by people you know, will usually be scam links.

If you've followed the instructions provided by one of these links, and the link told you to install a Facebook app, or approve access to your wall, you should revoke the app's privileges immediately. You should be able to do this via the "My Apps" link, which is in "App Center". You can find this in the sidebar on the left of your Facebook feed.


If you've installed any program on your computer, you should uninstall it immediately and run a virus scan on your system. If you need any help to do this, please contact our Customer Support team and they will be happy to advise you.


"XP" is short for "experience points". As you play our slots, you'll earn experience points for each line on every reel you spin. When you've earned enough experience points, you'll "level up", e.g. move from Level 1 up to Level 2.

Levelling up gives you these benefits:

  • You can unlock new slots to play

  • You can bet more coins, which means you win more from each spin

  • Your daily spin bonuses and hourly bonuses increase

The higher your current level, the more experience points you need to collect to move to the next level after that. And the more you bet per spin, the faster you earn experience points.

Payment Issues

It may just be a delay between the vendor and us. Try refreshing the game and if after a few minutes you still haven’t received the coins you should contact the vendor that you purchased the coins from (Facebook, iTunes, Google or Amazon) as they will be able to issue a refund for you.


As no purchases are made directly through Star Spins Slots we are unable to issue refunds, so you can resolve any purchase issues quicker by contacting the appropriate vendor - you can do this via the purchase receipt that they would have sent you or by clicking on the link for the company you need below:


Facebook: > "Apps, Games & Payments" >"Facebook Payments"




Loading issues

Firstly, we recommend that you check for updates to the app. We may have released a newer version of the game while you have been playing. Generally, the app will prompt you automatically to update and complete this process instantly. We also recommend you look for a ‘Software Update’ for your device; our games are optimised to run on the latest version of the Apple OS so running them on earlier versions can cause graphical and loading errors.


If you are noticing performance issues while playing our games on your iOS device, we recommend that you check which programs you have running. Having multiple programs open can affect the performance of our game so please ensure our Star Spins Slots application is the only program running to minimise loading errors.

Most of the time, problems loading the game are caused by your internet connection. Older computers can also have problems from time to time, and Facebook can sometimes have problems of its own.

We do have some quick fixes you can try which usually solve the issue:

  • Ensure that you have cleared your cache and browsing data.

  • If you have any ad-blockers or toolbars installed on your browser, please ensure that they're turned off or disabled.

  • Ensure that you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

  • Please check the game on a different browser, as well as closing all other browser tabs and any other games you may have running.

  • If you have antivirus software installed, please make sure that the settings allow Facebook apps.

  • If none of these steps work, let us know at Customer Support and we'll do our best to get you back playing again soon! Please bear in mind that if the problem is related to your computer or your internet provider we will not be able to fix this.

For Android and Amazon Kindle devices always make sure that the OS is up to date and the app is up to date. This will make sure your experience is as smooth and trouble free as possible.