New Features

  • What is Epic Pass?

Epic Pass is Club Vegas' new event where you earn points by playing slots to level up your Pass. Gaining a level in Epic Pass provides an epic amount of Coins and Gems!

  • How can I earn Pass Points?

Play any slots in Club Vegas and you will be rewarded with Pass Points every time you win. Bigger wins grant bigger Points!

  • I purchased a Spin Deal to get Lucky Spins but I am not getting Pass Points, what happened?

Epic Pass only counts wins from the normal spins only. Any wins from Bonus Spins, Instant Bonus, Buy-A-Bonus or Super Bonus will not be rewarded with Pass Points.

  • Do Jackpots have any bonus for Pass Point?

No, Jackpots by themselves do not have any additional bonus for Pass Points. They will only be considered for the end result they get (BIG/SUPER BIG/MEGA/SUPER MEGA/EPIC).

  • What is the minimum bet to earn Pass Points?

Minimum bet is depending on your VIP tier. If your bet is too low, Epic Pass button will be turned off and you will not be able to interact with it. Try adjusting your bet to make sure all your wins count!

  • What is the Megaphone symbol?

The number next to Megaphone symbol in Global Chat represents how many messages you can send in the Global Chat. You get 30 free Megaphones per day (resets on 12AM PT daily)

  • I cannot send messages in Global Chat!

You receive 30 Megaphones each day and you cannot send more messages in Global chat when you don't have Megaphones. You can either purchase Megaphones using Gems, or wait till 12AM PT to receive your additional 30 Megaphones.

  • Do daily Megaphones accumulate over period?

No, you can only have maximum of 30 Megaphones for free in total. If you have more than 30 Megaphones, it will stay that amount and you will not receive additional 30 more.

  • I would like to report a user for inappropriate messages in Chat

Tap and hold the message you would like to report for 1~2 seconds and tab "Report" button that appears next to the message.

  • How can I turn off Global Chat notification?

From the lobby screen, "Settings (top right corner) > Announcement > Set "Global Chat" OFF".

  • What are Gems?

Gems are independent currency that can be used to purchase Buy A Bonus or open locked Slots

  • How can I use Gems?

- There are games with "Buy A Bonus" button where you can spend Gems to buy Bonus Games with certain amount of bets instantly.
- If there are locked Slots you would like to play now, you can unlock them using Gems.
- Global Chat requires Speakers to send messages and you can get more Speakers with Gems.

  • How can I get Gems?

You can buy Gems from "Coin Shop (button at top middle) > Gems tab (top left corner, tab on the right)".
You can also receive free Gems by completing Expert / Master Challenges or by participating certain events offering Gems.

  • What's the difference between the "blue gems" and "purple gems"

Blue Gems / Chips are called VIP Points. They help you level up in your VIP tier!
Purple Gems are the jewels used for bonuses and opening slots.

  • Why am I not getting VIP multiplier at Buy A Bonus?

We changed Buy A Bonus (previously Instant Bonus) VIP perk from adding extra bet (e.g. 1M Bonus Game -> 2M Bonus Game) to giving more Gems when you purchase them from Coin Shop (e.g. 9,000 Gems -> 18,000 Gems). We made sure, in the end, that you will receive more benefits than before.


There are many ways to receive FREE COINS at Club Vegas!

- Log in every day to receive free gifts, spins, and time bonuses
- Complete any and all challenges
- Check your inbox to see if you have any coins waiting for you
- Add friends and send each other coins every day
- Check out and like our Facebook fan page and also look out for any special promotions

And don't forget to connect your account to Facebook to become a VIP member!

Easiest and fastest way to get more coins would be visiting our Coin Shop to purchase more coins.
Other than that, there are few more options you can choose from.

- Purchase Daily Boost to collect certain amount of coins everyday
- Purchase Daily Spin to test your luck and receive some coins
- Purchase Mega Wheel if you feel really lucky and want some coins
- Purchase your Pot of Gold

If you are looking for some free coins, please check "General - How can I get free coins?".

First, make sure you've connected your account to your email or Facebook from your old phone.
Then, download Club Vegas from the app store to your new phone.
After that, go to "PROFILE (top left corner) > VIP CLUB" to log in with the same Facebook or email account from your old mobile device and voilà! You can continue playing.

How to Login with Email


How to Login with Facebook

You may not see your Bingo Board if you have successfully completed all 25 stamps before the end of the month. Please wait a few days. It will restart every 30 days. To check how long you have left, please refer to the counter in the top right of the Bingo Board.

The Daily Spin resets every 24 hours. You will have a new one waiting for you every day at 6pm (PDT)!


Each slot has a detailed paytable to explain how they work!

1. Tab the MENU button (top right corner).
2. Tap the PAYTABLE button.
3. You can read about all the various lines, wilds, free games, etc by clicking on the arrows to scroll through the pages.
4. Tap "Return to Game" when done and play some slots!

To unlock new slots, you need to level up. To level up, you need to gain experience points (EXP) by playing unlocked slots.

Or, try Early Access! For more info, please check "Game - What is Early Access?" section of FAQ.

To turn on/off Club Vegas Notifications, go to SETTINGS by tapping MENU (top right corner) > SETTINGS.
In the SETTINGS menu you can turn on/off Push Notifications, Background Music and Sound Effects, Use Battery Save Mode, and 'Wall of Epics' uploads, and check announcements.
However, we recommend you leave on Push Notifications, so you get reminders about bonuses and get as many free coins as possible!

The issues with Facebook Canvas version of Club Vegas are usually related to a memory threshold being reached by the browser, though other factors can contribute. Some players have reported the following steps have resolved this issue:

- Restarting the browser/computer before playing, or switching to another one.
- Checking for/disabling any conflicting browser add-ons/extentions
- Closing out any background programs, or tabs while playing to reduce memory impact
- Clearing browser cache (note that some programs/games/websites may store information in your temporary data which will be lost)
- If you are using Chrome, make sure you turned on "Use hardware acceleration when available" option. (Type, chrome://settings/?search=Use+hardware+acceleration+when+available, in your address bar)

No, you cannot exchange coins for real currency on Club Vegas.

Sorry your luck's been down!
Every Club Vegas game uses a RNG (Random Number Generator). The RNG and all of our games are pre-tested for fairness, and the results of any particular player or groups of players are not controlled by us or any other third party.
So hang in there! Your luck is sure to turn around soon!

Please contact customer support by clicking "CONTACT US" button below.


Everytime you spin, a portion of your bets get stored inside the Pot of Gold. Once it's full, you can break this pot and claim back everything that's inside! AND, every time you break a pot, your next pot grows bigger. This allows you to store more total coins in your pot the next time.

Once you've opened your Pot of Gold, you can boost the amount you receive by purchasing Fortune Coins up to 10x!

Lucky Spins is activated after you collect your Time Bonus 5 times.
Once activated, you can tap 'Lucky Spin' to play!

A WILD is a symbol that can substitute for any other symbols in any slot game. So WILDs are always good!

There are 5 different kinds of BIG wins:

Big Win: You've won 10x of your played bet.
Super Big Win: You've won 20x of your played bet.
Mega Win: You've won 30x of your played bet.
Super Mega Win: You've won 50x of your played bet.
EPIC Win: You've won 100x of your played bet.

We designed our system to compensate you in a case like this. However, in case you did not receive compensation, please contact us.

Blue Chips are VIP Points. They help you level up in your VIP tier!

There are 21 Tiers and the higher you get, the more you receive more from just about anything!

Coin Packages: x1 ~ x4
Daily Bonus: x1 ~ x4
Time Bonus: +22,000 ~ +80,000
VIP Bonus: 100,000 ~ 400,000
Instant Bonus: x1 ~ x4
MEGA Wheel: x1 ~ x4
Free Coin Gifts: x1 ~ x4

For more details, please tab "VIP" button at the top left corner of the main screen.

When you purchase Coins from Coin Shop (the big BUY button at top middle), you can purchase a boost, which gives you a chance to multiply your purchase up to x10. for the same price you paid for the coins.

The Time Bonus is the stack of coins on the bottom-middle of your lobby. You can collect this by tapping on the stack of coins every 20 minutes!

Some slots offer Free Games with predetermined bets you can buy. Once you purchase, the slot will immediately trigger a Free Game.

Early Access is a sneak peek feature where you can play our latest game that hasn't been out yet. It runs on a monthly subscription method and you will receive 20 free spins every day!

You will receive some VIP Points that will help you level up your VIP Tier.

These are called the 'Paylines'. The lines which indicate a payout based on winning combinations.

Once per day, you receive,

 - One Daily Spin to give you free coins
 - Return Bonus (additional Coin bonus for playing Club Vegas everyday for up to 5 days)
 - Friend Bonus (200 Coins for every friend you have in Club Vegas)


Tap Epic Win Club button in the bottom left corner of your lobby, and find the "CREATE CLUB" button on the top right corner. Creating a Club costs 500,000 coins. If you decide to create a Club, you can set up Club name, Message of the Day, and symbol icon.

To join a club, tap Epic Win Club button in the bottom left corner of your lobby. The "Join Club" screen with available Clubs will be displayed only if you're not already a Club member.
You can only be in one Club at a time, so if you're already in a Club, you'll have to leave first.

Joining a Club has lots of benefits including collecting Rewards in the News Feed!

Tab Epic Win Club button in the bottom left corner of your lobby, and go to the Settings (top left corner) > Leave.

If you are the Captain of a club and want to remove any inactive club member, there's red REMOVE button when you tap blue [...] button in Members screen.

In Club menu,

1. Go to Members and find the member you want to promote

2. Tab triple dot (...) button on the far rightside of that member

3. Tab "Promote" and the member will become a new Co-Captain!

You might have been removed from the club by the Club Captain or Club Watcher due to inactivity.

You can expand maximum number of club members by leveling up your club. When the Donation of the Club reaches certain amount, the Club gains a level.

This is a setting for the Club Captain to remove inactive members for up to certain days. If the Captain set this to 3 days, any inactive users for 3 days or longer will be removed from the Club.

Sometimes we cannot receive your Epic Win screenshot from your device.
In this case, we generate Epic Win reward without the screenshot for you and your Club members.

You will receive 1 League Point (LP) for every 100,000 Coins won from any slots. The more you win from spins, the more LPs your Club will receive. There are events where LPs earned get boosted by 2x or more so be sure to spin more during those periods!


You can gift and receive coins between your Club Vegas friends once every day.

Too add friends, go to your FRIENDS page, click ADD button, then insert 11 digit Friend Code.

To remove friends, go to your ALL FRIENDS page. Then click on the red X on their profile picture. OR click on a friend's profile picture. Then, tap on the red "unfriend" button.

To check your Friend Requests, go to your Friend List.

Did you get an EPIC win? Tap the 'Share & Get Mystery Box' button to share your win with your Facebook friends!

If someone has an inappropriate profile photo of themselves, tap the red 'REPORT' button from the profile.


Please contact support and include a screenshot or .jpg of your receipt so we can help you as quickly as possible.

Please contact your platform's customer support.
- Apple:
- Google:
- Facebook: Contact us
- Amazon:

There are many ways to purchase coins at Club Vegas.
The easiest way is to click the BUY button at the top center of your screen. (It will say BUY or SALE if there's a sale going on.)
You can get your coins there.
We offer many different options and you can choose which purchases and deals are best for you! Every week there will be different promotions, so make sure to keep your notifications and log in often, so you don't miss out on great deals!

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow this checklist to ensure that you have the correct setting for the purchase:

1) Check that your device is connected to the internet.
2) Make sure you're logged into your app store for your phone.
3) Check to make sure that your form of payment for the app store is up-to-date.
4) Make sure you have allowed in-app purchases for Club Vegas. You can do this by going to SETTINGS > APPS > CLUB VEGAS > ALLOW PERMISSIONS
5) Try re-launching Club Vegas.

If you've checked everything and are still unable to make a purchase, please contact our customer support agent.

Please contact your platform's customer support.
- Apple:
- Google:
- Facebook: Early Access is not available in Facebook
- Amazon:

To subscribe to Early Access and play our latest slots in advance, go to the Early Access menu in the lobby. It will be along the bottom of your screen. Then click to complete payments and subscribe!

Tap 'BUY' button at the top center of the screen to access our store.
It might say 'SALE' or something similar when we have special events going on.

Responsible Gaming

Bagelcode Encourages You to Play Responsibly! Each and every one of our games is designed for entertainment purposes only:
While some of our games may host a casino-theme style, none of them are real casino games. There is no real gambling, betting, or laying odds or real money in any of our games.
We want all of our players to play responsibly and feel protected in a safe and enjoyable in-app experience.All of our coins, chips, other currencies, and other virtual items have no actual monetary value. Strictly created for the in-game environment, no balance can be transferred, cashed out, or sold for money in the real world.
Coins, chips, and other virtual currency that may be purchased are only available to improve your gaming experience, for level advancement, and for your enjoyment while engaging with our games.

There are infinite ways to play responsibly…
Responsible gameplay is when all players:

  • Have a fun, exciting, and entertaining experience
  • Exercise control over their playtime, spending, or any purchases made
  • Balance playtime fairly with other leisurely activities or duties in their everyday lives

How can you spot a Video Game Behavior Disorder?

  • Take notice of behavioral patterns that are characterized by the following:
  • An impaired control over playtime
  • The need to prioritize gaming over other activities
  • An elevated interest in games that surpasses that of other interests or daily responsibilities
  • A consistent escalation of playtime hours despite the occurrence of negative consequences surrounding the player
  • It's important to note that for a gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behavior pattern must be of sufficient severity while resulting in significant impairment of personal, family, social, educational, occupational, or other important areas of functioning, and should normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

What should you do if you or someone you know may have a Video Game Behavior Disorder?

If you have any questions, or need a break from playing any of our games, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Support. We're here for you!

What is Self-Exclusion?

  • Self-Exclusion means a request initiated by you to bar access to certain of our games. Self-Exclusion will result in termination of access to your game account and a block placed on your account so that, if detected by our servers, access to the game will be denied. Self-Exclusion is not "foolproof," and we make no guarantee that it is. However, we will take reasonable efforts to honor a valid Self-Exclusion request as set forth in this Responsible Gaming Self-Exclusion ("RGSE").

Which games are eligible for Self-Exclusion?

  • RGSE feature applies to Club Vegas, Jackpotjoy Slots, Star Spin Slots and Bingo Lane.  ("Eligible Games").
  • In the future, any other game designated by Bagelcode may become eligible. Eligible Games may be modified or removed at Bagelcode's sole discretion.
  • If you elect to Self-Exclude, you will be banned from the game you contacted to Self-Exclude.
  • For further information or to Self-Exclude from our games you may also contact Customer Support; the terms of the RGSE only apply to the RGSE feature described herein.

How do I start the Self-Exclusion process?

  • You can request by contacting Customer Support in any of the Eligible Games.

How does the Self-Exclusion process work?

  • You may only complete a Self-Exclusion Request for your own account. You may not request Self-Exclusion for another player.
  • Once Bagelcode has verified the request, you will receive a email response to the address that Bagelcode determines is valid for your account ("Verification Email").
  • In the event Bagelcode cannot successfully verify your Self-Exclusion Request, in its sole discretion, Bagelcode may ask you additional questions for verification purposes and for the security of your account.
  • In the event that Bagelcode cannot successfully verify your request, in its sole discretion, the request will not be completed.
  • If you have played one or more of the Eligible Games and we cannot identify you (eg: if you played as a guest) Bagelcode may not be able to verify or identify you for all Eligible Games; therefore, Bagelcode will make reasonable efforts to Self-Exclude you for the applicable Eligible Game. However, Bagelcode may also not be able to complete such a Self-Exclusion Request.

How long will it take to complete the Self-Exclusion Process?

  • Bagelcode will process the Self-Exclusion Request for an account within a reasonable time period after verification. You will receive a confirmation email once your request is successfully processed. In the event that you choose to continue using your account during the Self-Exclusion Request period, you are responsible for any activity such as purchases. Bagelcode shall not provide any refunds for such activity.

How long does Self-Exclusion last?

  • Self-Exclusion lasts from the date that the Self-Exclusion Request is completed and is continuous unless a user requests a reactivation; this is only possible commencing one (1) calendar year from the completion of the original Self-Exclusion Request ("Self-Exclusion Period").
  • If You have self-excluded, you are prohibited from opening a new account during the Self-Exclusion Period, using different names, information, or in any other manner.
  • You may elect to reactivate your account after one (1) calendar year from the initial date of the Self-Exclusion Period subject to a verification process for the security of your account.

Can you change your mind or reverse a Self-Excluded account?

  • Self-Exclusion status cannot be modified or reversed in any manner. There is no possibility for appeal or review of the status, except for reactivation a minimum of one (1) calendar year following Self-Exclusion, as described above.

What happens to my coins, balance, rewards, and related account items during the Self-Exclusion Period?

  • Your account will remain inactive during the Self-Exclusion Period. If an account is reactivated, your balance and coins or credits, and level in any game will be reinstated to the account to the previous amount immediately preceding the time of Self-Exclusion.
  • No refunds or transfer of coins, rewards, or any other items are permitted during the Self-Exclusion Period.
  • Any loyalty credits or other features that may expire may not be available at the conclusion of the Self-Exclusion Period.

Will I still be able to see Bagelcode games on my devices during the Self-Exclusion Period?

  • Bagelcode recommends that you delete all installation of Eligible Games on all of your devices since Bagelcode cannot perform this action for you. If you need assistance in deleting any application, please contact Customer Support by clicking "CONTACT US" button below, or at
  • You may not attempt to reenter your Self-Excluded account – for example, by redownloading the game – after the deletion or in any other manner during the Self-Exclusion Period. [In the event that you attempt to do so, Bagelcode shall not be responsible for such actions.]

Will Bagelcode still have my account information during the Self-Exclusion Period?
1. Bagelcode will retain certain data during the Self-Exclusion Period in accordance with our Privacy Policy

  • Bagelcode will use reasonable efforts not to send any marketing material via email, or in any other manner for the Eligible Games to the player. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive such material in error. In such event, please notify Bagelcode Customer Support immediately.

2. The Bagelcode Terms of Service found at shall apply to the terms of the RGSE.

  • For any questions on RGSE, please contact our Customer Support team by clicking "CONTACT US" button below, or at